Tips For Great Sports Photography

Capturing the action in a thrilling match on camera is something to reckon with, be it soccer or any other game there is usually a wonderful feeling for all those involved right from the photographer and the people going to view the pictures. Often these shots display something unusual such as uncommon facial expressions, the soccer gear, injuries, torn clothing and many more. Actually there only a few people who don’t admire those shots.

Is it simple shooting soccer or sports photographs? No! Taking sports photographs may look simple but it involves a number of factors to make that picture stand out. Talking about soccer photography, truly it is an expansive topic that will require an extensive review that we cannot cover in a single article. However, a single overview on how to get the best soccer shots can be found in a single discussion. Today we are going to focus on how you need and how to capture thrilling reactions and positions in a soccer match.

Getting accessibility.

In soccer or sports photography getting accessibility is everything. Without accessibility, you won’t move even an inch even if you the most comprehensive array of lenses out there. Having access to the event means you have at least succeeded to around 40%. What do I mean by saying 40%? Having access to a soccer event is one thing getting access to a favorable position is another thing.

Let’s face it no one we like situations where great opportunities arise for great shots but they end up distracted by either people jumping in jubilation or something else. Good soccer shots required right positioning being too far is a problem and possibly there is nothing much a lens can do if you are that far.

Take care of your background.

Related to the viewpoint but just as important is the background of the shot you make. Take a look at most sports photographs you will notice the background is wisely selected and captured. Of course that if only it is a relevant viewpoint. Often in soccer, the background involves the far end of the soccer pitch capturing the fans and advertisement posters. When taking a shot you will have to gauge their relevance, if they are likely to cause distraction it is good to do away with them.

Know the subject.

Photos communicate a lot, thus before going out for photography, you should have a theme of what you want from the exercise. You can twist your photography to address an issue like the speed of the player(s), how big they are or how they magically maneuver the field and handle the ball.


There is a lot to emphasize on timing for any action photography. For soccer photography, you will realize that your response and preparation for that critical moment is vital for amazing shots. Although there is much of good luck associated with timing, practicing will is the right way for perfection.

Familiarise yourself with the sport.

Lastly, to get a better short in soccer you have to familiarise yourself with the sport in the first place. Knowing when that special moment is about to occur makes you alert as you prepare to time the shutter. Try to know to what the fans like and also focus on them because soccer is not only about the players and the balls.